Which type of bulb will expose my screen properly?

topic posted Wed, December 6, 2006 - 5:02 AM by  Danny
A while ago i bought a screenprinting 'kit' off ebay, and the lights that were sold to me were £10 yellow buliding site lights. they don't seem to react AT ALL with my screen emulsion, (sericol diazo) or the emulsion i was sold with the kit! . i've been fannying around about this for ages, and i cant seem to work out the type of light i need.. sericol will not advise me for some reason...

alot of my images have quite fine lines in, so i know that a flourescent would not work greatly to my advantage.

There is a metal halide lamp, a tungsten halogen lamp, etc... i know that whatever they are called the light spectrum that they emit needs to be around 370 nanometers.

Please, if anyone knows a reasonably cheap lighting set up that will do the job and work with the emulsion i am using, it will be hugeley appreciated.

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  • I use a 600 watt work light. I removed the glass because it has a UV reducing coting. at 16inches my exposure time is 18min with ulano QX-1 (dual core).

    Emulsion responds to UV not brightness, I've known people that use blacklights, grow lights, plain jane fluorescent shop lights. I've never heard anyone have problems with detail with fluorescents, a lot of shops exposure units are fluorescent based.

    I wonder if the yellow lights where intended to be safe lights.
    • Yeah, I use a 600 watt halogen work light as well. HOWEVER...I have had major problems working out my exposure times. Right now it takes about 1 full hour to get a good exposure...which is ridiculous! SCOTT, was this the case for you too before you removed the UV resistant glass??? I will remove the glass tonight and see how it works.

      Anyhow, according to this book I read other light sources that are suppose to work are quartz backyard lights, sun lamps and photo flood lights. Good luck and keep us posted on your results.
  • I just made a home made exposure unit from stuff i bought around town. My exposure time is 6 min. I used 4 40 watt black light bulbs (Not black light Blue bulbs, like you see at some stoner's house.) These bulbs look just like regular fluorescent, but do not have the 'visible light' filterers that make black lights that deep violet color. I found them at a local lighting supply distributor. They cost about $11 each. You can find a fixture that holds 4 40 watt bulbs and includes the ballasts and light diffuser screen for $40 at Lowe's. Then I just built a box and stand, and put a piece of glass over it. You can get a piece of glass cut at any glass / window place. the dimensions i needed were 23 3/4" x 37 3/4" (the same as the outer dimensions of the fixture i bought). Then I just cut a cheap extension cord and wired it up with a light switch. It works great.

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